The “Teen Stories” adventure was an outstanding human and professional experience. With the support of the Swiss television channel RTS, Troubadour Films created four long documentaries of 100 minutes each and produced them with conviction and passion.

Immersing ourselves in the daily lives of these young adults who marked our lives is a new, motivating challenge we take seriously. Our goal is to produce a film that will surprise and seduce, and provoke reflection and emotions. We believe that all these ingredients are essential to produce a film that will inevitably leave a trace.

The key word of this new film is “independence” and all the questions and emotions it triggers. Independence begins with this difficult but so decisive decision to take one's destiny into one's hand and stand on one’s own two feet.

Leaving means choosing a solitude that corresponds to becoming autonomous and free. When we met them for a few days, we discovered that all of them had taken this step and left the family home. These determined young adults stand by their decision despite life's difficulties and the tough reality they must face each day.

We decided to meet these young people and their parents to ask them to let us be part of their life once more to allow us to show what has become of them. Life’s upheavals have spared neither these young adults nor their parents.

I think this is a rare opportunity to show the primate life of these young adults and their parents. This chance was given to us by their own will to communicate and share.

After these encounters, I remain more than ever convinced that these young adults deserve to be heard and that we can trust them. All of them have the same questions about life, the same joys, fears and anxieties.

Through the production of this film, we are pursuing the same editorial line, that of seriously scrutinizing our society and its contradictions through the destiny of some people who open the doors to their privacy. Once again, we will do all we can to gather a competent team who believes in the project and is dedicated enoughto give their very best, thus contributing to the making of a film that raises issues that concern us all.